Green Lantern Costume

The Green Lantern is a superhero character from the DC universe. The Green Lantern was created by John Broome, Gil Kane, Bill Finger and Martin Nodell. Green Lanterns power lies in what is known as the power ring. This power has the ability to bring his imaginative ideas to life using the green energy within the ring. The power ring has a limited power and needs to be recharged. Many characters have assumed the role of Green Lantern since it was first created in the early 1940’s.

The Green Lantern costume we will be focusing on will be from the most recent films, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds. This film was very forgettable, but the Green Lantern cosplay created looks very good. I will leave a description of all the items need to complete this costume look.


Green lantern costume for men

For the green lantern costume, i went with a version I found on amazon. This costume for the price is ok. I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing. The greens are a lot brighter in the picture than the costume itself. The chest piece is made a little two high and one of the reviewers said this as well. If you are quite lean this costume will feel quite lose. This green lantern cosplay does not include the ring, but I will provide you a link to one below.

Green Lantern costume for women 

For the green lantern costume for women’s costume available on amazon. The costume is primarily made up of polyester. The costume is very light and comfortable. The costume looks very much like the picture advertised. The mask for this costume was poor so you might have to order a separate version.

Green Lantern boots for women 

Green Lantern boots for women green lantern costume Green Lantern Costume Green Lantern boots for women 295x300For the green lantern style boots, because the women’s costume doesn’t include boots I found a version on eBay. I found if very difficult to find a pair of boots that would fit the style of the green lantern outfit. These are little darker than I would of like them to be, but they still work. The only option other than this would be to wear a pair of runners with a green cover over them.

Green Lantern Ring



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