Gambit Costume

Gambit is a fictional character that resides in the world of Marvel. Developed by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in 1990. Gambit is what is known as a mutant, who possess superpowers.  Gambits have the power to control kinetic energy and do with it what he wants. He’s also very adept with card throwing, especially when it’s combined with his powers. His weapon of choice is a staff. He mainly appears in the x-men series of comics. Channing Tatum will star as Gambit in the upcoming solo film coming in 2018.

The Gambit costume we will be focusing on in this article will be based around the comics version. i will leave links to all the products used to bring this costume to life along with some information on the products as well.

Gambit costume brown trench coat

The Gambit costume brown trench coat can be acquired on Amazon. This is made by a company called CosDaddy. The trench coat is made from imitation suede. There are 5 sizes available and a custom option as well. The custom option takes three days to tailor along with the shipping time as well. The reviews are very positive for the most part.

Gambit costume breastplate

Gambit costume brestplate Gambit Costume Gambit Costume Gambit costume brestplate

Gambit costume breastplate

The Gambit costume breastplate can be found on Amazon. This is the closest match I could find that resembled a Gambit costume item. If you want something better be prepared to pay a lot more on Etsy.The Breastplate is made from iron and measures 20 inches in length and 10 inches in height and 17 inches in width.

Gambit balaclava

The Gambit balaclava can be located on Amazon. To make this look similar to what is used in the Gambit costume you will need to cut it. This balaclava has been received very well in the Amazon reviews.

Padded compression shirt

The Padded compression shirt is on the Amazon website.  This is made by DGYAO and it is mainly used for football or paintball but it should work well with this Gambit cosplay. There are four sizes available. It is competitively priced for a compression shirt and the reviews speak very highly of it.

X-men belt buckle

The last element to the Gambit costume is the x-men belt buckle which can be found on Amazon. This attaches to your existing belt and it also needs a belt with a large buckle so keep that in mind. It is perfect for the costume but according to the reviews, it won’t hold up to everyday use which is understandable considering the price.

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