Freddy Krueger Costume

Freddy Krueger is a fictional character that stars in the horror film “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Created by Wes Craven In the late 1980’s, Freddy Krueger is the main antagonist, a disfigured serial killer who enters his victims dreams slays them using his gloves equipped with blades. Freddy Krueger’s strength and power lies within his victims dreams. When removed from the world of dream, Freddy has the same frailties of any human. Freddy Krueger has garnered huge popularity, appearing in many of the top 100th lists of greatest and most vile villains.

The Freddy Krueger costume consists of the bladed gloves, brown worn fedora and red sweater with a green stripe trough it. I will include both a custom made Freddy Krueger costume that includes all the essential items and the items bought separately. I will add descriptions on why I chose these items as well and I will discuss the quality of sad items.


Freddy Krueger custom sweater

For the sweater, I found a version on amazon. This, from what I’ve read is an unofficial Freddy Krueger costume made from synthetic materials. It includes burnt flesh marks within the sweater made from latex. The sweater itself is very well made with nice detail throughout. The burnt flesh looks good and adds a very nice realistic look to the Freddy Krueger costume. One of the best Freddy Krueger style sweaters for sale and defiantly worth the price.

Custom made Freddy Krueger blade gloves

Custom made Freddy Krueger blade gloves freddy krueger costume Freddy Krueger Costume Custom made Freddy Krueger blade gloves

Custom made Freddy Krueger blade gloves

For the blade gloves, I went with a pair on Etsy. These are handmade gloves constructed from copper. It is a well-built pair of gloves. The blades are welded on the top of the fingers that show no signs of budging. Overall a great pair of Freddy Krueger style gloves that are a must if you planning on putting this Freddy Krueger costume.

Black jeans

For the jeans, I  a pair on amazon. These are a nice pair go black jeans. I wanted to buy a pair that I would wear again after I was finished with the Freddy Krueger costume. Very comfortable and a nice fit. Great pair of black jeans for the price.

Black boots

For the boots, I went with black boots that go above the ankle. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to black boots as they are fairly common.

Freddy Krueger mask 

For the Freddy Krueger costume Mask. I choose a version on amazon. This mask is made from vinyl. The mask has some great detail and looks quite scary, very impressed. The mask does not extend past the neck which normally I don’t like, but this mask looked good without it. A great Freddy Krueger masks that will surely get a few scares. (I did with mine ha ha hahaha)

 Freddy Krueger Fedora

To finish off the Freddy Krueger costume we need the Freddy Krueger Fedora, I found this on amazon. This is the first item I have bought to my knowledge in which the picture on the sales page doesn’t do the hat justice. I think this is mainly because I never go back to an item I’ve bought. The picture makes it look cheap but I bought it based on the reviews and I’m glad I did. Looks great, fits perfectly HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.