Flash Costume

The Flash is a superhero character from the dc universe. The original concept of the Flash was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Four characters have been given the flash abilities and assumed the identity of the Flash these include jay Garrick and Barry Allen. The four characters all gained the flash’s abilities in different ways.  The original Flash, Jay Garrick gained his abilities by inhaling water vapours in a laboratory Barry Allen was exposed to a chemical that was struck by lightening.

The Flash costume we will be focusing on will be from the new tv series created CW which stars Barry Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin. The flash uniform in the tv series is a much darker red tone that the previous versions. I have left links below to the items needed to complete this costume.


Flash costume adult

For the flash costume, I went with a version I saw on amazon. This was a fantastic flash cosplay. The costume is made up of PU leather. The flash cosplay includes the top, pants, belt and gloves except for the shoes which I will link a pair below. There is an option for the mask to be optional. For the flash outfit itself, the quality feels great, even when it uses fake leather, it doesn’t hinder the costumes comfort in any way. The colour is very similar to the picture shown as sometimes this can be different.

Flash costume for women 

For the female flash costume, I found a version on amazon. The number of female version of the flash outfit were awful and there was not that many to choose from. This one, however, was the best of the bunch. The female version of this costume comes with a skirt instead of the trousers. There is not much in the way of detail but for the price you get what you pay for. The detail that is included is done very well. The flash logo, which I thought was a sticker is actually a patch. The dress is very short so I would advise wearing something underneath. The leggings are very light and can be easily torn.

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