Fallout Costume

Fallout is a video game series that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world. Created by Bethesda in the 1990’s, Fallout has become hugely popular. The fallout series are centred around a nuclear event that sends the world into a post- apocalyptic era. The main character most overcome various setbacks and hunt for answers in the vast wastelands. The fallout series has broken many records when it comes to sales and wide scale appraisal.

For this fallout costume, I will be focusing more the most recent iteration of the fallout series. This fallout costume is the vault 111. I will include the various extras such as the pip boy and weaponry. If I come across some of the older versions of the fallout costume I will be sure to include them here.

Vault 111 custom made fallout costume

Vault 111 custom made fallout costume fallout costume Fallout Costume Vault 111 custom made fallout costume

Vault 111 custom made fallout costume

For the fallout costume, I went with the vault 111 outfit. I found a custom made version of this on Etsy. It is made from various fabrics. The fallout costume is very well made and feels like high-quality materials were used. This is made to order so make sure you get your measurements correct for a perfect fit. If you see it marked sold, it means that the seller is currently in the process of making the vault 111 costume for another client. Either send them a message or wait till the buy button appears again.


Fallout 10mm pistol

fallout 10mm pistol fallout costume Fallout Costume fallout 10mm pistol

fallout 10mm pistol

For the gun, I choose a custom made 10 mm fallout style replica pistol. I found the for sale on Etsy. This is a quality made piece made from various materials such as EVA foam, pic and acrylics. The detail work really impressed me. A must for anyone who is putting together a fallout costume. If the item is marked sold, I would suggest sending the seller a message saying you would like to buy this, I’m sure, though not certain that they seller will make another batch.

Replica pit boy 

replica pit boy fallout costume Fallout Costume replica pit boy

replica pit boy

If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one of the collectors editions of fallout 4 I’ve got you covered. I found this replica pit boy for sale on Etsy. The pit boy is made from abs plastic that is very durable. The detail on this item is second to none, you can see that a lot of time went into making this piece.  This also has the ability to store your phone so you can use the fallout app which is incredible. overall a great product and would definitely recommend it.