Ernest P Worrell Costume

Ernest P. Worrell is a fictional character portrayed by Jim Varney. The character was created by Carden and cherry advertising agency. The character Ernest was created as part of an ad campaign by Carden and cherry advertising agency to prove their client’s products. The character became popular that it spawn a television series. This television series won Jim Varney a Daytime Emmy Award. Several feature films followed but weren’t received well by critics but still were profitable. Jim Varney sadly passed away from lung cancer on February 10th 2000.

The Ernest P Worrell costume is known for his denim vest and a beige hat, the clothes he most often wears. I will leave links below to all the items used to put this costume together along with information on the quality of the items used as well.

Beige hat

The beige hat he is often wearing in the films, I picked out on amazon. It a khaki coloured hat made from cotton. there are two sizes one is adjustable and the other is not. The adjustable version uses a metal saw like closure that grips the scrap in place. I find these much better than the plastic snap closures as it allows for more adjustment.

Ernest P Worrell Costume Denim vest

Ernest P Worrell costume denim vest Ernest P Worrell Costume Ernest P Worrell Costume Ernest P Worrell Costume Denim vest

Ernest P Worrell costume denim vest

The denim waistcoat, I chose for the Ernest P Worrell costume  is by Allstate Leather. It made from cotton and includes many different sizes. It has two small pockets on the front of the vest and a four button closure.  I had originally picked out another vest but I felt it was two clean and formal looking. This one seems to be a little more rugged and rough around the edges.

Grey t-shirt

The grey t-shirt he wears underneath the vest, I found on amazon. A very affordable grey t-shirt made from cotton and polyester. It creature double stitching for extra durability a seamless collar and heat transfer label. This grey shirt has lots of positive reviews.

Denim jeans 

The denim jeans, I picked out a pair of Levi’s as they are, in my opinion, the best at making a high-quality pair of denim jeans.  They are made complete from cotton. They feature a button fly closure, two deep grin pockets, and two rear pockets. Lots of negative reviews on the front page but the overall review is positive and the negative reviews are years old. I would suggest you check out the most recent reviews to see if their concerns are still relevant today.

Black shoes 

The last product needed to complete the Ernest P Worrell costume are the shoes. I chose a pair of vans as they are a good match to the costume  and they are stylish enough to be worn during the summer days. It’s better to buy something that works for a particular costume and something you can see yourself wearing after. The shoes themselves are made from canvas and with the sole comprised of rubber. I’m is not surprised the vans have a positive review as they are very popular and are made very well.