Dwight Schrute Costume

Dwight Schrute is a fictional character that appears in the hit tv show titled “The Office”. Created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in 2001. Dwight Schrute is a salesman at Dunder Mifflin, a paper distribution company. He is known throughout the series for his lack of social skills and common sense. He has a passion for Martial arts and has arch nemesis named Jim Halpert who he competes with in terms of sales numbers at the company. As the series progressed he rose through the ranks and in the final season assertions the position of Manager.

For the Dwight Schrute costume, we will be focusing on the brown suit outfit he frequently wears through the series. I will add links underneath to all the products used to complete this costume, along with information the quality of the items as well as any items we bought that went not good.



Dwight Schrute costume brown suit

Dwight Schrute costume brown suit dwight schrute costume Dwight Schrute Costume Dwight Schrute costume brown suit

Dwight Schrute costume brown suit

For the Dwight Schrute brown suit, I got on amazon. The suit comes with the jacket and pants, it does not include the shirt or tie but I will add them below. The suit is made mainly from polyester. The pants do not have an inseam. I must admit I don’t really like wearing suits as I find them uncomfortable but this was an exception. it wasn’t tight and restricting which was the problem I had with suits. It was very comfortable to wear and it looks very good, like a high end suit. Overall I definitely recommend this suit for the Dwight Schrute costume.

Dwight Schrute yellow shirt

The Dwight Schrute yellow shirt, I found on amazon. The shirt is made from both cotton and polyester and can be machined washed. It is not a wrinkle free shirt. I thought the shirt was ok. I wouldn’t wear yellow shirts that much so I only bought it for this Dwight Schrute costume, it did the job I need it to do. Would I recommend it? yes, For the price I think its worth it.

Silver tie

For the tie, I got on amazon. I went for a silver and black silk tie. I have to say this is one of the nicest ties I’ve ever purchased. A high quality it’s that I had absolutely no issue with. I really don’t know what else to say other than if you need a tie buy this one, you won’t be disappointed.

Dwight Schrute glasses 

For the Dwight Schrute glass, I found on amazon. I choose these because they were affordable and they looked very similar to what is used in the Dwight Schrute costume. They are comprised of a metal frame and plastic lenses that are non-polarised. The seem well made considering the price of these. Overall I would recommend these for the Dwight Schrute costume.

Prop pager

The pager used by Dwight, I acquired on amazon. I went for a prop version as I don’t need a real one for the costume as I don’t ever plan on using it again. I have to say it doesn’t feel a like a prop. It has a battery compartment and the weight is what I would associate with a genuine pager. Happy with my purchase.

Dwight Schrute Casio watch 

For the Dwight Schrute Casio watch, I found on amazon. Personally, I think for the price, this is an incredible watch. I initially bought this for the Dwight Schrute costume and I really didn’t intent on really using it again but because it’s so durable and well built I wear in on a lot of hikes and when I’m on my bike and even if it does break which it hasn’t yet, its cheap enough to replace. I highly recommend this Casio watch.

Dwight id badge

The Dwight id badge I got on amazon. If you wanted to save some money you could very easily make your own Dwight id badge. I opted instead to buy mine. The id badge was well made, it arrived in ampoule time. Happy with my purchase.

Black shoes

The last piece needed to complete the Dwight Schrute costume are the black shoes. A great pair of black shoes that are comfortable to wear. The sizing is true so order you’re normal size. They’re advertised as oil and slip resistant shoe, cannot comment on that but I do see many reviewers say its true which is great. Overall a great pair of shoes that I will continue to wear after I’m finished with the costume.