Droog costume

Droogs are a group of psychotic charismatic individuals that appear in the film titled “A clockwork Orange” . The film is based on Anthony Burgess’s 1962 novel of the same name. The leader of the droogs, Alex leads a small gang of delinquents named Pete, Dim and George on a crime binge across London killing, stealing and common horrendous acts of violence along the way. The film was received well among critics calling it a “landmark in the relaxation of control on violence in the cinema”. The ranks rank in many top 100 films for its depiction of violence. Its extreme violence caused it to be withdrawn from Britain.

The Droog costume is quite simple with no overly complex items required. I will leave all item links below with information on those items as well.



Top hat

The top hat I chose, was made by funny party hats and comes in at a very affordable price. It is a felt top hat and only has one size available. For an accurate size interpretation, I would suggest you look at the question and answers section as it is discussed in detail their bur from what I’ve read it seems to be a big hat.

White shirt

The white shirt, I found on amazon. This is a Van Heusen white shirt made from polyester and cotton and made be machine washed. They have plenty of sizes available and they also have different styles as well such as regular fit and a slim fit. They different collar styles such as spread and point. They are not wrinkle free. A nice addition to the Bill Nye costume.

White pants

The white pants the droogs use, I managed to find one on amazon. The pants are made by Chief Designs and is comprised of both polyester and cotton. It features an elastic waistband with a single snap front closure. The have a good selection of sizes a to choose from but most of them seem to be out of stock for the white pants. The verdict in the reviews seems to be positive for the most part.

White suspenders

They use suspenders, which are white. I saw some on amazon. These are an x-back suspenders that can be adjusted up to 46 inches. They have two sizes regular and tall, with the ball adjustable up to 54 inches. These are made from polyester that has been elasticised for maximum stretch. There are four clips in total.

white jock strap

They wear a white jock strap outside the white pants. For this, I picked a Duke athletic supporter.  It does have a small logo on the front but its a lot less intrusive than the other ones I saw. It has a 3-inch waistband with the waistband being made of a combination of rubber and polyester and the pouch made from just polyester.

Droog costume Cane

Droog costume Cane Droog costume Droog costume Droog costume Cane

Droog costume Cane

They are often seen with a cane throughout the film, I found one on amazon that should work really well for this Droog costume. The cane has a chrome plated brass finish to the bulb with the shaft comprised of hardwood with a black finish. The cane is for style only will not support the weight. I see some of the reviews mention using it for aid which they should not.

Black boots

The last item on the list for the Droog costume is the black boots. The boots I chose was a Steve Madden-branded black boot. The boot is made from leather with the sole comprised of a synthetic material. They have an ample selection of sizes but they are not true, they run a size small according to the reviews.