Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader is the villain in the fictional Star Wars universe The concept of Darth Vader was Created in the mid-1970’s by George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie. Darth Vader, also known as Anakin Skywalker, a prestigious Jedi Knight, a hero that turned to the dark side. Darth Vader is an expert lightsaber duelist and a genius military tactician. who stopped at nothing to rule the galaxy with his kin Luke.

The Darth Vader costume hasn’t changed since is the first introduction in the original star wars film back in 1977. The huge success of the films has made the Darth Vader outfit an extremely popular choice. Because of this popularity, there are plenty of replica costume for sale at very affordable prices.

Full Darth Vader costume (men’s adult)

For the Darth Vader costume, I tried to find a high-end version so I could provide you with a choice but after hours of looking, I couldn’t find one. Instead, found an affordable alternative on amazon. This Darth Vader outfit costs around $30 depending on sales they have on. You get what you pay for with this costume. It does not include pants, gloves and the detail is painted on. If you managed to find a better Darth Vader outfit please let us know in the comments as we will be more than happy to replace this with a better version you found.


Darth Vader costumes for women 

The women’s version of the Darth Vader costume is of much better quality, but it should be as it is double the price of the men’s version. The reviews on amazon, for the most part, are positive. The helmet provided is of poor quality and may want to purchase a better on separately. I would advise you buy the costume first then decide if you would like to buy a better helmet. I found a helmet that is really good.

Red lightsaber 

None of the Darth Vader costumes include a red lightsaber so I will include one here for you. This lightsaber is quite expensive compared to the costume, but it is very cool and built very well.

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