Dale Gribble Costume

Dale Gribble is a fictional character that appears in the animated series titled “King of The Hill”. Created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels in 1997. Dale Gribble is one of the main characters in the series. His main profession is and exterminator but he is also a bounty hunter. He is a heavy smoker and has an obsession of guns and conspiracy theorist. The King of The Hill series has been very popular maintain consistent viewership. On May 2010, after 13 seasons, King of the Hill was canceled.

The Dale Gribble costume hasn’t changed throughout the series, he wears the orange cap and brown shirt. I will add links below to all the items used to make this costume followed by information on the quality of the items.



Dale Gribble Costume Hat

Dale Gribble costume hat Dale Gribble Costume Dale Gribble Costume Dale Gribble costume hat  300x283

Dale Gribble costume hat

For the Dale Gribble hat, I got on amazon. It is a bright orange hat made from acrylic. I picked this because the reviews mentioned they also bought it for the Dale Gribble costume and were happy with what they got and so was I. Yes it didn’t have the mac truck label on the front but I managed to  also get that as well. Overall I’m very happy with the hat, a must for the Dale Gribble cosplay.

Mack trucks sticker

The Mack trucks sticker, I also got on amazon. if you want to put a Dale Gribble costume together then the Mack truck sticker is a must. The sticker itself was clean and clear and applied to the hat with ease.

Brown short sleeve shirt

The brown short sleeve shirt Dale wears, I found on amazon. It is made from cotton and polyester. It has two front pockets as well. When I got mine I had no problems with the sizing but looking at some of the reviews, it seems that some are getting two sizes too small. Which is either the sellers fault or these people cannot read a sizing chart. The shirt itself was good, good fabrics used. Overall I’m satisfied with what I got and it works for the Dale Gribble costume.

white t-shirt

The white t-shirt, I own quite a few already so I didn’t buy another one but if you are in need of one, I picked one out for you. It is affordable and has good reviews on amazon.

Denim jeans

For the denim jeans, I went for a pair of wranglers that I got on amazon. I haven’t worn a pair of Wranglers in a long time, (usually, I go for Levi’s) so I was unsure if they were the same quality pair of jeans I knew them to be in the past. I  have to say these are a fantastic pair of denim jeans. Very comfortable, good quality and very affordable. I highly recommend these jeans, regardless of the Dale Gribble costume.

Brown boots

The last piece to the Dale Gribble costume that we are going to need is the brown boots, which I got on amazon. I really liked these boots, very rugged and stylish looking. I haven’t used them for too long yet so I don’t know how long they will last but so far after bout month of use, they seem to be holding up. I do recommend these boots to anyone.