Cyclops Costume

Cyclops is a superhero from the marvel world. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the mid-1960’s, Cyclops is mutant from the x-men universe that has the ability to emit a powerful energy beam from his eyes. Cyclops needs a special piece of eyewear to aid in controlling the energy beam. He is considered one of the main members of the x-men and is a number one fan favourite of all the other x-men according to Ign.

There are several cyclops costume iterations since the birth of Cyclops. The cyclops costume we are going to make in this article will from the original x-men films, portrayed by James Marsden. This cyclops costume wasn’t that hard to make, considering a lot of the costume parts needed are readily available including the infamous visor eyewear.  I haves listed all the items below you need to make this cyclops costume below.



Cyclops fan made replica visor

Cyclops fan made replica visor cyclops costume Cyclops Costume Cyclops fan made replica visor 300x223

Cyclops fan made replica visor

Cyclops uses a visor to control the beam of light from his eyes. This visor is a custom piece made for cyclops specifically so it can be hard to find someone making these. thankfully we got lucky this time as I found someone who’s is making these from scratch. The looked fantastic and looks very much like the visor cyclops uses. If the link below says that the item has finished, not to worry has you will see a text link saying the seller has listed a similar item to this.

leather x-men style jacket

leather Cyclops Costume jacket cyclops costume Cyclops Costume leather x men style jacket 239x300

leather Cyclops Costume jacket

The jacket Cyclops wears is a black leather jacket with custom x-men detail applied to it. I found one on eBay that looks great. The jacket is made from 100% leather and you can tell it is when you see and feel it.

Black leather pants

Black leather pants cyclops costume Cyclops Costume Black leather pants 227x300

Black leather pants

For the Cyclops Costume leather trousers, I went with a relatively affordable pair leather motorcycle pants. I tried to find cyclops replica leather pants like the jacket, but I didn’t come across one so I went with these, mainly because of the positive reviews.

Black Boots

Black Boots cyclops costume Cyclops Costume Black Boots 300x277

Black Boots

For the footwear, I was originally going to get a pair of biker boot to keep with the tone of the cyclops costume but I had a pair of black boots already so I decided to save a bit money a use those. If you don’t have a pair of black boots, then I would recommend these as they are similar to the pair I have and I found no problems with them.

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