Boomerang Costume

Captain Boomerang is a fictional character that appears in DC world. Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino in the 1960’s, Captain Boomerang is a supervillain who made his first appearance in the flash. During his childhood, he develops a spectacular skill with making and using boomerangs. His skill with boomerangs got him a job as a performer with a toy company. Over time his relation with the audience turned sour and decided to venture into the world of crime.  He was a member of the Suicide Squad but was disliked due to his insanely reckless behaviour.

The Boomerang costume I will be focusing on will be from the upcoming Suicide Squad film, Jai Courtney portrays Boomerang. I will leave links below to all the items used to complete this costume along with information on the items quality as well.



Navy wool hat

The wool hat that Boomerang often wears, I found on amazon. It a navy wool hat made from worsted wool. There is only one size needed because of elastic nature of the wool, it will stretch to fit most heads. It intended to keep you warm in cold because of this it’s quite thick. Another piece of information worth mentioning is that because it’s made from wool you will most likely experience some form of itching while wearing it. The wool hats are manufactured in the USA.

Boomerang costume coat

Boomerang costume coat Boomerang Costume Boomerang Costume Boomerang costume coat

Boomerang costume coat

The Boomerang coat, I found on sky seller. This is quite an expensive item so I don’t really expect everyone to just go out and buy this but I want to include it so I have a complete Boomerang costume here. You can order it in faux leather with will reduce the price quite a bit. There are two colour options available, distressed brown and black and there are loads of sizes available as well.

Boomerang blue varsity jacket

For the blue Boomerang jacket, I went for a blue varsity college jacket I saw on amazon. It took me quite a while to find a jacket even remotely similar to what is used in the Boomerang costume. It’s quite close, the only thing it’s really missing is the captain logo on the front. If you really wanted to you can buy varsity letter patches and sew it on.

Grey t-shirt

The grey t-shirt he wears underneath the vest, I found on amazon. A very affordable grey t-shirt made from cotton and polyester. It creature double stitching for extra durability a seamless collar and heat transfer label. This grey shirt has lots of positive reviews.

Gold chain 

The gold chain boomerang often wears, I found on amazon.  It is sold by Doublebeez Jewellery. it is a gold plated chain, it does not state what the base metal is, though. it is available in seven different sizes that start at 18 inches and goes up to 36 inches.  The gold chain is 6mm wide and features a lobster clasp to secure the chain around the neck, perfect for the Boomerang costume.

Tan Gloves 

The gloves he wears are quite thick and rugged so because of this I picked out a pair of tactical gloves as it would best suit the Boomerang costume. He only wears the one glove, (the left-hand glove) but it is very hard to not only find the right match but also find one that you can buy singly. These are very well made, affordable and have plenty of positive reviews.

Gold watch 

The gold watch, I found on amazon. The watch is gold plated with a stainless steel case. It features a water resistant glass housing but it is not waterproof. It is very affordable and a good addition to the Boomerang costume.

Brown belt

For the brown belt, I picked out a very popular brand that almost always gets high reviews and seems to deliver quality products on a consistent basis, that is Dickies. The brown belt is made from leather and has sizes from 34 up to 44 available. It features a strong durable metal buckle and double row stitching for extra durability.

Denim jeans

For the jeans, Boomerang wears a pair of denim jeans that are distressed around the knees. I found a pair on amazon that, in my opinion, work really well. They are made from cotton and spandex. There is an ok selection of sizes to choose from.

Sheath and knife

The sheath and knife are attached to his right leg. I found one on amazon. It has a brown handle and sheath to match the Boomerang costume. The knife is made from steel. It features a genuine leather handle and sheath and polished concave ground clip blade. The knife is also manufactured in the United States.

Grey duck tape

The grey duck tape is used to as a makeshift holster for the sheath. It is placed around the right leg. Not much to say about grey duck tape other than it is affordable and that people who purchased it seem pleased.

 Black boots

For the boots, i went with some simple black boots I had bought for a previous costume. If you don’t have a pair of black boots I will link the pair I bought on amazon. They work well for a lot of costumes and fell very comfortable even for me as I normally hate boots!!

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