Bob Ross Costume

Bob Ross was a professional canvas painter and art instructor. Born and raised in Florida had a relatively normal child. He spends most of it working with his father who was a carpenter. At the age of 18, Bob Ross insisted in the Untied States Air Force where he first served as a medical records technician. Over time he earns the rank of master sergeant. Upon leaving the military Bob began a career as a painter. He started and created his own tv series titled “The Joy of Painting” on the PBS  network. The show ran for an incredible 31 season with over 403 episodes. Bob was forced to end the show due to an illness he was battling. He, unfortunately, passed away on July 4th, 1995 😔

The Bob Ross costume will have the shirt wig and jeans he often wears in the show. I will leave links to all the items needed for this costume along with information on the products as well.

Bob Ross costume wig

The Bob Ross costume wig can be found on Amazon.  The wig is made by a company called Smiffy’s. It is made from polypropylene. It measures 10 inches in height and 10  inches wide. It only comes in one size. Many of the reviewers used this wig for a Bob Ross costume and they really liked it.

Bob Ross light blue shirt

The Bob Ross light blue shirt can be found on Amazon. The shirt is made by Lee and it is comprised mainly of cotton and polyester. It has one front pocket located on the chest. There are four sizes available as well. The shirt is reasonable priced and has been received well.

Denim jeans

The Denim jeans are found on Amazon.  These are a relaxed fit pair of jeans made by the popular jeans company Wrangler. The are made completely from cotton. There are plenty of sizes to choose from. They feature a button closure with four pockets. They are positively reviewed on Amazon.

Black belt

Bob Ross costume black belt Bob Ross Costume Bob Ross Costume Bob Ross costume black belt 300x246

Bob Ross costume black belt

The black belt used can be acquired on Amazon.The belt is made by Velette. There are a few different colour options available. My recommendation would be the colour BI148 as I feel this matches the costume perfectly. There are 8 different sizes available. The reviews speak very highly of this item and its quality however some noted that it can smell pretty bad for a while.

Brown shoes

The last piece to the Bob Ross costume are the brown shoes. These are an Oxford style shoe made by Kempin. The colour chosen for this costume is the brown version. There are 7 shoe sizes available. The shoe is made form a synthetic material with a leather an rubber sole.