Bloodborne Costume

Bloodborne is a horror video game exclusively for the Play Station 4. Created by Fromsoftware in 2015. Bloodborne centres around a dark malevolent character known as the hunter who must traverse through a dilapidated city. Within this city, it’s residents are plagued with an unknown disease that mutates them into terribly fighting creatures. The hunter must find the root cause of this disease and eradicate it. Blood received critical acclaim from both the audience and critics, praising its gruesome creatures and difficult yet rewarding gameplay.

For this Bloodborne costume, we will be focusing on the hunter costume. I will also include many other Bloodborne costumes as well. I will add links below to all the items required to complete this costume along with informative descriptions on the items.



Bloodborne Costume


Bloodborne Costume bloodborne costume Bloodborne Costume Bloodborne Costume 1

Bloodborne Costume

For the Bloodborne costume, I found on eBay. An affordable Bloodborne outfit when you consider that the cloak, coat, vest, shirt, pants, belts, straps, gauntlet and hat are all included. The only items that are not included are these blade, gun and boots. I will add these below. The bloodborne costume itself is made from various matters that include uniform cloth, linen and synthetic leathers. A very well made Bloodborne outfit that looks absolutely fantastic. There was some piece that needed a slight adjustment but other than that the costume was great. I got lots of compliments, which was very cool. 🙂

Saw Blade

Saw Blade bloodborne costume Bloodborne Costume Saw Blade

Saw Blade

The Bloodborne style saw blade, I got on Etsy. I was very pleased when I first saw this piece, very well made, The detail is also very impressive. It has some nice weight to it which I like. Overall very happy with my purchase and I would recommend it to anyone who is putting together a Bloodborne costume.

Bloodborne Gun

Bloodborne gun bloodborne costume Bloodborne Costume Bloodborne gun

Bloodborne gun

For the Bloodborne gun, I went with a version I found on Etsy. I tried to find an actual replica of the hunter gun used in the game but I couldn’t find any so I went with the next best thing. The blunderbuss shares some similarly to the hunter gun. This blunderbuss was fantastic, the detail blew me away. I would go as far as to say this was my best purchase of 2015, the price the craftsmanship….. AMAZING. I highly recommend this gun.

Black Boots

For the boots, I found on amazon. Just like the gun, I couldn’t find custom made Bloodborne costume boots, so I just went with a pair of black boots I had lying around. I picked these out to finish off the Bloodborne costume. I have not purchased these so I cannot provide any opinion on these but from the reviews, they seem to be a great pair of boots.