Bill Nye Costume

Billy Nye is a popular professional entertainer/science educator from America. Billy Nye was born on November 7th, 1955 in Washington, D.C. He graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Cornell University. Bill Nye did several comedy shows in the Seattle area. Bill Nye is most notably known for his children’s tv show titled “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, which he performed scientific experiments that were aimed at educating young children. The show was a resounding success. The show ran for five seasons totalling over 100 episodes.

The Bill Nye costume we will be putting together today with the lab outfit. I will leave links below to all the products used to complete this costume along with some information on the products as well.



Bill Nye blue lab coat

The blue lab coat, I found on amazon. The coat is made from both polyester and cotton, which makes it very lightweight, allowing you to wear several layers underneath. It has a good selection of sizes to choose from. If the correct size is ordered the lab coat should rest above the knees, give complete cover where it is needed. Red Kap is a very popular brand known for producing quality products.

Bill Nye costume bow tie 

Bill Nye costume bow tie Bill Nye Costume Bill Nye Costume Bill Nye costume bow tie

Bill Nye costume bow tie

The bow, I found on amazon. The bow comes in a set of 5 with different color options available. They bow ties are made from microfibres of quality stain. These are very colorful and although they are not a perfect match to the Bill Nye’s bow tie I still think it captures the essence of Bill Nye, and it a must for the Bill Nye costume.

White shirt

The white shirt, I found on amazon. This is a Van Heusen white shirt made from polyester and cotton and made be machine washed. They have plenty of sizes available and they also have different styles as well such as regular fit and a slim fit. They different collar styles such as spread and point. They are not wrinkle free. A nice addition to the Bill Nye costume.

Beige pants 

For the beige pants, I found on amazon. This is chino pants as a lot of the beige pants I found were very baggy and not in keeping with the Bill Nye costume. The pants are made from cotton with some spandex. When it comes to size selection I prefer sellers to list the waist  and length instead of the generic small, medium and large but they do include a sizing guide that illustrates the measurements which are good.

brown shoes 

The last item needs for the Bill Nye costume are the shoes. A formal shoe is needed, so I found some Calvin Klein’s that fit the bill. Made from leather with a synthetic sole and a one-inch heel. The sizing is accurate as well which is good. If you already own a pair of brown shoes then use them if not these would be a great option. Yes, they are on the expensive side you can also wear this to formal events.