Batman Costume

Batman is superhero derived from the DC world. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in the late 1930’s, batman is the caped crusader fighting crime in the dead of the night. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who as a child watched his parents being murdered influences his decision to train and ultimately become the batman. The batman, unlike many other superheroes, doesn’t have any superpowers, instead, he uses his intelligence and his wealth to create gadgets that aid him in his crime fighting.

The batman costume that will be  discussed in this article will be from the dark knight. For this costume, I have a nice surprise for those who want the most authentic batman costume available for sale. However because it is so authentic and the fact that it is custom made to order, the price tag might put some people off. I will include more affordable options as well below.


Full Custom made to order batman costume

Full Custom made to order batman costume batman costume Batman Costume Full Custom made to order batman costumeThis batman costume is truly unique. The detail work on this costume is incredible and it should be for the price. The armour is comprised of urethane a type of rubber. The seller provides an in-depth description of what included in this costume. I like many people can’t afford this batman costume but for the lucky few I am truly jealous. If you do purchase please inform of us in the comment below how you like/disliked about, we would love to know.

Cheaper alternative batman costume


Cheaper alternative batman costume batman costume Batman Costume Cheaper alternative batman costume

Cheaper alternative batman costume

This batman costume is still fairly expensive but a lot cheaper than the custom made version we discussed previously. The costume includes everything such as the belt, cape, moulded armour pieces, mask and gloves. A great costume my only gripe was that it was a bit big but other than that I loved it.

Cheapest batman costume 

This is the cheapest batman costume I found that is remotely any good. The costume is one piece so take that into consideration for bathroom breaks, however on amazon a reviewer said he managed to create an “access hole “ so he could to the bathroom without taking the costume off his name is Jall if you want to read more link above as well. This batman costume is simply you get what you pay for. The hood that comes with it is very bad so you will probably have to buy a mask separately.

Female batgirl costume

The batgirl costume is a much better costume in terms of quality when compared to the cheapest batman costumes above given the price of it. There are 7 pieces to this batgirl costume the one piece dress in which the cape comes already attached the arm pieces and the covers for the boots. The dress is quite short so keep that in mind when buying. I would suggest you read some of the reviews on amazon as there is some great information on the product there.

Custom Batman Costume Breakdown

The Batman costumes above are all sold as a full costume. From doing some research, I found some incredible Batman costume pieces but they were all, for the most part, sold separately. Below I will put these parts together to make, what I believe to be a fantastic batman costume.

  1. Batman mask
  2. Batman armor
  3. Batman cape
  4. Batman belt
  5. Batman boots

Batman mask


Batman mask batman costume Batman Costume Batman mask

Batman mask

For the batman mask, I found on Etsy. the mask is made from high-quality latex that only ships in black (obviously). The mask extends right down, just below the clavicle.

Batman armor

Batman armor batman costume Batman Costume Batman armor

Batman armor

The Batman armour, I found on Etsy. This is an incredibly detailed piece that covers the shoulders right down to the knees. Just like the Batman mask, it is made from latex facade. When you order please provide them with the correct measurements along with your height to ensure no delays occur and that it fits perfectly.  I would also like to mention that I’ve had a look at the reviews and people seem very happy with their purchase.

Batman cape

batman cape batman costume Batman Costume batman cape

batman cape

The Batman cape, I came across on Etsy. Again like the pieces above this cape is made from latex facade. The seller does a great job in explaining the item much better than I can since I haven’t purchased it.

Batman belt

batman belt batman costume Batman Costume batman belt

batman belt

The Batman belt is available on Etsy. This belt does not function, the pouches don’t open. It serves to finish the look of the Batman costume. I tried to find a better batman belt but my research turned up nothing. If I do come across something though I will link it here

Batman boot covers

batman boot covers batman costume Batman Costume batman boot covers

batman boot covers

To finish off this costume batman costume will be the Batman boots found on Etsy. When I first saw this I actually thought it was a custom made shoe but intact its just latex spats (covers) that complement a black shoe. None the less these look great and do the job.