Bane Costume

Bane is a super-villain character from the dc world. The concept of Bane was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench and Graham Nolan in the mid-1990’s. Bane is a powerful and intelligent supervillain that is was notably known for breaking the batman. Bane recently appeared in the last iteration of the batman films, directed by Christopher Nolan.

We will be focusing on the Bane costume from the batman film the dark knight rises as most people are familiar with that particular bane costume. There are a few parts to this bane costume that make it difficult to put together. The bane mask is a custom piece, which will make it hard to find. Thankfully there are plenty of clone masks for sale on amazon.

Replica bane mask 

For the bane costume mask, I managed to find a replica on amazon.  It looks great and the feedback it quite positive for the most part. They offer different colour options as well. For these types of custom masks, in previous costumes I’ve seen, the price has been quite high upwards of $150 -$300 but this mask is very affordable at $69.

Bane style vest

For the Bane costume vest, I found a replica version that looks very good. The sizing chart seems quite accurate. The vest is made of high-quality material and includes some nice detail work compared to the original piece Bane wears. The company selling these items on amazon have gotten some stellar reviews for customer service, which is great to hear

Bane style Trousers

The bane style trousers most notable feature is the padded knees. I again found a replica version of these on amazon. These were great for me. I ordered a medium and they fit like a glove.

Bane Bomber Jacket

I would consider this an optional purchase as the Bane look is still complete without this in my opinion. I also consider this optional as the price might dissuade people away from buying it. The jacket itself is high quality given that it’s fake leather and not real.

 Black boots

For the boots, I went with some simple black boots I had bought for a previous costume. If you don’t have a pair of black boots I will link the pair I bought on amazon. They work well for a lot of costumes and fell very comfortable even for me as I normally hate boots!!

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