Arrow Costume

The Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero that hails from the DC world. Developed by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in the early 1940’s, the green arrow is a crime-fighting archer who is as deadly with a bow as Deadshot is with a gun. Green Arrow is only an alias of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen a philanthropist/politician.

The green arrow costume we are looking at in this article is that of the newest iteration of the green arrow, primarily known as “Arrow”, portrayed by Stephen Amell. I managed to find a complete arrow costume that looks really good on amazon. The reviews are positive as well. The costume doesn’t include the bow or other accessories so I left information on how to find those below.

Complete Green Arrow Costume

Complete Green Arrow Costume arrow costume Arrow Costume Complete Green Arrow Costume 275x300

Complete Green Arrow Costume

The I managed to find a complete green arrow costume on amazon that includes the jacket with hood and trousers. I will have a couple of links of the complete costumes I found as they go out of stock fast, especially around Halloween so if you are planning to go as green arrow get your costume early, you might even get it at a discount price the earlier you buy.

Green arrow style bow

For the bow, I went with a Samick sage as it has a lot of the details that a green arrow type bow has. Bows in general, of they are well made will cost well over $100. Based off the reviews this bow seems to be well liked.

Green arrows (set)

For the arrows, I went some green and black buffalo arrows as they complement the costume. you get twelve in a set which will fill up your quiver nicely.

Black trainers

For the shoes, after closely examining the images of Green Arrow I came to the conclusion that he is wearing trainers, with that being said I went with some black dc shoes. They look great and can easily be worn for everyday use after I’m finished with the costume.

Charcoal powder

Under the hood, I’ve noticed the arrow uses black camo around this eyes. Instead of going with traditional face paint, I instead opted for charcoal powder as I think it offers a much better look than water facepaint’s


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