Angus Young Costume

Angus Young is the lead guitarist for the ever so popular Australian rock band AC/DC. The band formed in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young. The band chopped and changed its members during the first few years, once settled, AC/DC released their first album called High Voltage in 1975. The band considered quitting in 1980 following the death of their lead singer Bon Scott but after received support from family members decided to carry on. AC/DC  went on to create a legacy, selling more than 200 million records worldwide. The founding member Malcolm young was forced to retire in 2004 due to dementia.

The Angus Young costume we will be focusing on will be his famous stage costume. I will leave links below to all the items used to bring this costume together along with information on the products quality as well.


Angus Young costume blazer

Angus Young costume blazer Angus Young Costume Angus Young Costume Angus Young costume blazer

Angus Young costume blazer

For the top that  Angus young wear, I picked out a clean blazer. The brand is Louis Raphael and is made from polyester. I can only be dry cleaned. It has two clean pockets on the front of it and has a two button closure. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and the sizing is true but might need small adjustments.

Black Angus young cap 

The Angus Young costume cap, I found on amazon. It a plain black Newsboy Gatsby cap made from linen. A very lightweight cap made in an 8-panel vintage style. There is only one size available but it fits most averaged sized heads because of the war elastic band.  there are lots of positive reviews on this hat as well.

White shirt

The white shirt, I found on amazon. This is a Van Heusen white shirt made from polyester and cotton and made be machine washed. They have plenty of sizes available and they also have different styles as well such as regular fit and a slim fit. They different collar styles such as spread and point. They are not wrinkle free. A nice addition to the Bill Nye costume.

Striped tie

The striped tie Angus wears, I chose a Tommy Hilfiger blue and black tie. The tie is made from silk so it’s going to be very soft. This tie is recommended for dry clean only. This is an adult sizes tie that measures 3 inches wide.

Black shorts 

The black shirt, I chose the Dockers brand. The black shorts are comprised from cotton. The only have two rear pockets and one front welt pocket. They are not wrinkle free and they can be machine washed as well. The sizing is true also.   The reviews are very positive for the most part.

white socks

The white socks, I picked out a 6 pack as it was the best value for money. This is a blend of cotton/polyester/nylon/spandex. they have reinforced stitching around the heel and around the toes.  There are no branding on this socks as well.

Black shoes

The last item needed for the Angus Young costume are the shoes. I picked out a pair of black reebok’s as I felt they were a good fit for the cosplay. They are made from a synthetic material ( doesn’t say what that material is though) with a rubber sole. They have a beveled heel to reduce force while walking and running. The also have an oil slip resistant outsole.